The Town Mill (Northampton)

The Town mill about 1877.

Origins of this mill date back to at least the thirteenth century when it is was held by St. Andrew’s Priory.

After the Dissolution of the Monasteries in the sixteenth century it was acquired by the town before being sold in 1685. In 1742 Edward Cave founder and editor of The Gentleman’s Magazine converted the Town Mill as it was known into ma cotton spinning mill using machinery based on the roller spinning of Lewis Paul, made workable by the engineer James Watt. The venture did not last long and the mill was put up for sale in 1756.

About thirty years later cotton spinning was once again being undertaken and in 1797 a steam engine was installed. As in the earlier period the project was unsuccessful and the mill was converted back to corn grinding in 1806. It was acquired by the Perry Family during the 1830’s and became known as Perry’s Mill.

From about 1885 until its demolition in the late 1920’s (Northampton Corporation had purchased the mill in 1927) the name Town Mill was used again.740


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