NEWS Roundup

A few Northants English Welfare Society members have been working hard tending Sywell Church yard for a while now. The Church yard having been left in a state of neglect for some time. Villagers in Sywell have noted the good work done by our small team of volunteers. Praising them for their efforts.

Mark and his team are hoping to expand the scheme into other villages where church yards have been neglected. These churches are part of our English heritage and must be preserved.  Please get in touch if you would like to help.

So far this year the society has raised just under one hundred pounds for The Steadfast Trust mostly from our stall at events NEWS has attended over the summer.

John has written on behalf of the society and the English Community to Northampton Borough Council. We have long been concerned with the indifference shown by NBC towards the English but specifically in recent times, when we, the English, have been referred to as an irrelevance by the town planning committee. More on this as things progress.

Steve has written twice to Tesco Plc directors asking for assistance from the board in setting up an English net work within the Tesco organization. So far Tesco’s have completely ignored us. We recommenced that our members and supporters boycott Tesco’s. However the society be writing again.

We still plan to have a ramble through the Northamptonshire countryside in early autumn. But at the moment are very busy organizing and doing other things. If any member is willing to take on the organizing of our history walks group please step forward.

Our summer social event this year will be in the form of a Barbecue. Unfortunately we will need to make a small charge of £5 per member to cover costs. But the £5 will include family and guests of members. Any member unable to afford the £5 will still be welcome to come along. There will be a donations wishing well on the day.

Although it seems a long way off, if you have any good ideas for our winter social gathering, please let any of the trustees know.

Good news is that although we are not a wealthy society our pot is steadily growing thanks to several small donations. Every little helps and all our members are well aware that charity begins at home.


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